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Liquidation Service For Companies Big and Small 

Turn  Overstock, Unfulfillable, Restricted Inventory Into Cash

Make Money

Overstock, restricted, or unfulfillable inventory is a vampire sucking the profit right out of your business. We turn your dead inventory into cash that you can reinvest into profitable inventory.

We use a proven online auction method. Every item is tested, pictured, and described. Then using proven auction psychology we maximize sales price and do it quickly.

Maximize Return

As a business owner you have a lot on your plate. Let us take care of getting the most out of your unwanted inventory. While you focus on Growing Your Business

Grow Your Business

How Does It Work?

What You Do

  1. Have removal orders sent directly to our warehouse or ship your items to our warehouse.

  2. Relax. We will take it from here.

What We Do

  1. When your items are received they will be checked in and assigned to your consignor account.

  2. If any item has excessive wear or does not include original packaging you will be alerted and provided photos. Then you can contact Amazon to seek reimbursement. The item will still be auctioned.

  3. Each item will be tested for its condition, photographed, and described to market to our bidder base.

  4. Your items will then be put into an online auction on auctionnation.com. Typical Auctions are open for people to bid on for 3 days online.

  5. 7 days after the auction has ended you will be eligible for payment via PayPal for 65% of your items' total sales (We work on a 35% commission).



 Easy to work with and for me is one less thing I have to think about, plus getting some value on dead or damaged inventory.

- Mario D.

 I love the service, super easy to use. All of the items that I submitted from my dead inventory or restricted inventory have sold. Nice to find some cash for items that were just taking up space.

Very happy with Go Gambit services. A well needed and wanted service!

- Dana S.

- Aryeh S.

I Am Ready To Turn My Dead Stock Into Money 


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